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Michael Johnson

Soldier turned civilian. Now a Media Architecture student at Portfolio Center. My goal is to help people interact with the new era of convergence.

Drat! Pre-empted Again!

Monday, October 30, 2006
Every now and again I have what I think is an original idea. A moment where I know I have the solution.

It happened a few months ago when I was thinking of how to do a project on Triumph Motorcycles. They needed an identity, a reason for people to buy their classicly designed bikes. I found the solution looking through an old book on classic motorcycles, discovered the "rockers" from the 60s.

Fast forward a month, Triumph rolls out their 68 Series, a collection of addons to the Bonneville line that makes your bike look like something from a Steve McQueen movie. Dead on. Where's my paycheck?

Tonight, doing research on Seed Magazine, I had an idea about using their logo as a navigation system for sorting stories. Then I come across this. Arghh... back to the drawing board. And what a wonderful piece of design. My favorite part is the slider at the bottom. It illustrates the concept of the magazine more than any description could.


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