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Michael Johnson

Soldier turned civilian. Now a Media Architecture student at Portfolio Center. My goal is to help people interact with the new era of convergence.

Side Effect of Being Tired

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Ever been tired, and had an absolutely profound thought just occur to you?

Fox News is a faith based organization.

Think about it. Watching it is very much like being in church. If you're in the religion, things make sense. The leaps in logic made by its business suit clad priests can be followed if you share the same version of reality.

If you're not a member of this particular church, watching the telecast sermon can be disorienting. Their far reaching conclusions and assumptions seem the equivelant of one's relatives reincarnated as grasshoppers, or winged harp players in the clouds for that matter.

If what they are saying fits your particular flavor of the political cosmology, we have a feeling much like that of being in church - comfort, community.

Its no different from those of us who watch Stewart and Colbert. Well, perhaps a little different. Those two are entertaining on their own, no matter how far they've reached in recent months. Is it too much to ask people to remain critical of what they're told? Do we do so when someone tells us what we want to hear, or what we already believe?

Or is it all a sleep deprived rant?


Blogger Witt said...

Fox News is a mind eating, brain numbing, freedom hating terrorist organization.


The fact that people even get their news from Fox scares the shit out of me.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Michael Johnson said...

See, the thing is I know intelligent, thoughtful people who watch Fox News, so I tend to take a non-extreme view of it.

They're capable of thinking for themselves, and they do for the most part. But because Fox tells them things that seem plausible when you have a crtain viewpoint, the BS detector doesn't ping like it should.

3:39 PM  

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